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The Pros And Cons of Starting A Business

Posted on 1 January, 2009 at 12:00

The business page looks more like the obituary section, with companies scaling back, missing projections and going under. So the question ofstarting something new comes at a curious time. I feel fortunate to be part of starting something from scratch, even with the expected growing pains. It's a conversation taking place all around us.

Today on a Linkedin Discussion Group (eMarketing Association Network), one woman from Indiana summed up her situation:

"I am one of those brave souls. While I find that there's not as much in my pocketbook as there used to be, I am undoubtedly much more prosperous. I had lost my creativity and ability to dream in corporate america. It's back now and I wake up every morning looking forward to the possibilities."  

I'm pleased to be in a similar boat. The first step to being on your own is to exhale. It's scary but also exciting.

At first, not having an IT expert was a challenge. But an hour with Apple one to one ($100 for a year's worth of visits) has taught me more than a call to IT to fix something. Today was my third visit and I have now mastered video in a powerpoint; last week was podcasting. The week before was editing video in iMovie. 

Call backs: people used to be more responsive when you were attached to a big company or non-profit. But remember when the phone was constantly interrupting you? Today, with fewer interruptions, I get more done. When the phone rings, it's from a valued client or a prospective new one. 

Isolation: being a solo-preneur isn't for everyone. The uncertainty of tomorrow takes some guts. But even inside corporate America, there is plenty of uncertainty. 

Ending a work day: this will keep most people inside dead-end jobs, the fact that there is quitting time. When you're on your own, you respond when an idea comes to mind. Even if the idea appears at 10pm and you look up and it's 3:15am and you're still working. For these times, including once this week, I have tried not to feel guilty when I'm exercising at 9am or go to the dog park at 4p. 

The paycheck: if you have something to offer, there is work out there. I provide 26 years of creative communications, marketing and social media. 

So now what? I'm working on tomorrow's presentation by researchingt he client's internet footprints. Oh yeah, I am a bit still tired from working till 2am the other day!!!! 

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