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It's Time To Present "The New You"

Posted on 12 February, 2011 at 10:48

If you are job hunting, it's easy to focus on the tangibles: your resume, your elevator speech and your Linkedin connections.  Complete them and a job seeker feels a wonderful sense of accomplishment. 

But what if the information you are sharing is no longer the  truest snapshot of yourself? After all, your resume is a reflection of your career. As much as you tailor it for a job at hand, it still points to places you've been and accomplishments you've achieved....all in the past. 

I am not suggesting you erase your hard-earned resume. Professionally, it's who you are. But I am asking that before you apply to your next job, you take a closer look at yourself, so you can present the real and passionate "you" to a potential employer. 

Try this 5 minute exercise and see what happens.

Right now, open a blank document on your computer. Make two lists: one with your perceived strengths; the other with the things you love to do in life. 

Next, create and send an email to those you trust. Ask them what they believe your strengths are and what types of careers they see you in.

The goal is simple: identify your passions...the work you 'get lost' in....the things you do where time flies by.

I am convinced that the new way to differentiate yourself from other job applicants isn't through resumes and elevator speeches. The best way to set yourself apart is to show your genuine passion.

After adding these elements to your resume, elevator speech and Linkedin profile, I ask one question: what employer in their right mind wouldn't see the value in hiring the "new you?"

February 12, 2011

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